Everyone in our community working together to Help Kids Talk

Help Kids Talk is a community-wide partnership project that supports speech, language and communication development for children and young people aged 0-18 in Northern Ireland.

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Tips and Advice

Help Kids Talk promotes 12 key messages. These key messages will help you support your child’s speech, language and communication skills during everyday activities and routines. See our 12 key messages.

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Parents and Caregivers

Parents & Caregivers

Advice and activities to support your child’s speech and language skills

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Practitioners and settings

Advice and resources to support children’s speech and language development

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Act Early, Support Parents, Achieve more

Project aims

Help children and young people be the best they can be

Make children’s development in speech, language and communication everyone’s responsibility

Make a difference to children’s lives together

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Did you know?

The range of a Childs vocabulary at age 5 is a very strong predictor of qualifications at school leaving age, and without support, over 1/3 of children with speech, language and communication issues go on to have support from mental health services later in life.


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Extremely Beneficial

“We found Help Kids Talk extremely beneficial to the families that engaged in it.  The parents have said that the key messages are relevant and easy to remember.”

Carrie Larmour, Barnardos Parent and Infant Project Team Leader

Love the messages

“Love the messages so clear and will help us all be consistent. Now recognise that simple things really benefit children now and in years to come.”

Feedback from basic awareness training

So helpful

“I always thought to improve my child’s speech that I had to have elaborate activities but now I know that I can use any situation or simple moments to help my child.”


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